Meals & Menus


Some quick facts about La Lengua’s food policy:

  • La Lengua follows the Federal Food Program.
  • In accordance with this policy, La Lengua provides only water and 1% milk to the children, no juice.
  • La Lengua is a nut-free school.
  • Snacks are provided at no additional cost.  Parents provide packed lunches as we eat our lunches outdoor in local park, and we do provide birthday and other party refreshments and treats as well.  We also have cooking class every Thursday that will fit the dietary needs of each student.
  • Although snacks are offered at set times, healthy snacks of fruit, cereal, and the like are available to children throughout the day if they are hungry, however, we do charge $5 when we need to supply a student with their lunch.
  • Parents are welcome to bring in treats for special occasions and La Lengua will respect any dietary restrictions indicated.

Sample Menus

(examples only, subject to change)

  • Morning Snack: Oatmeal with apples, yogurt, fruit and toast, or pancakes.
  • Afternoon Snack: Crackers and applesauce, toast and cheese, hard-boiled eggs.

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