Curriculum for mixed-age students at La Lengua includes the child-initiated and teacher-directed activities and experiences offered to young children that support and enrich their development physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. Each area is set up to include blocks, dramatic play, books, gross motor, fine motor, and art. Outdoor play is important to a child’s physical development and is included daily, weather permitting. Free Play is a daily part of the curriculum and means a child has the opportunity to choose which center or activity he/she participates in. This promotes creative expression and development of important social skills.  We are able to facilitate education curtailed for each child with a wonderful ratio of 3 adults to 14 children.

The Assistant Director and Teacher’s Assistants work cooperatively to facilitate the daily schedule and plan activities that meet each child’s developmental abilities and needs in accordance with the Assistant Director and Director.  The daily schedule and activities create a balance between active and quiet times; large and small groups, and individual activities; small and large muscle activities; indoor and outdoor play times; as well as times for self-selection and teacher-directed activities. Consistency from day-to-day is particularly important to the overall well-being of the children and classroom environment. Children thrive on consistency! Routines are maintained whenever possible for arrivals and departures; meals and snacks; resting or nap times; personal care routines like diapering/toileting and hand washing; and transitions.